QuizPro is a web-based quiz maker designed to create multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks,matching type, and true-or-false questionaires. It is used to create interactive web trivia, student exams, job evaluation, IQ testing, and distance learning. QuizPro generates the quiz and show the score and answers instantly.  You can test it online by registering (Quiz Maker module is below this page visible only to registered users).

Click here to view  a sample 'One question at a Time' quiz

Click here to view a sample 'One Form Questionaire'

■New Multiple Choice and Matching entry system  
■Quiz Timer 
■Each Quiz Maker can create unlimited number of quizes
■One quiz can have unlimited number of questions
■Questions can be multiple choice,multiple select, fill-in-the-blanks and true-or-false
 ■Save and Resume Quizes
■Import/Export Questions in XML.
■Quiz types •One form questionnaire
•One question at a time

■Questions can be generated randomly
■Print a Certificate if the quiz is passed
■Set the maximum number of times a user can take the quiz
■Show the score and answers after submission
■Upload pictures

■provide websites an interactive trivia page
■job evaluation examinations
■student test and evaluation
■distance learning study materials



  • Private Assembly DLL only
  • Customization Fee $80/hour
  • 2 months free upgrade
  • Includes the full source code
  • Customization Fee $40/hour
  • 6 months free upgrade
Click here to download a demo.*

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